Great Bathroom Ideas
for your Home

Your bathroom is a place where you can spend some time to
cleanse yourself physically, it is also a place where you refresh and relax
yourself on the bathtub. So why not design your bathroom so that it becomes
unique while it also reflects your personality. Here are some ideas you can use
in designing your bathrooms.

Grey was the favorite color of architects and interior
designers in the past 3 years, now the trend is beginning to shift back to
black and white. Using white tiles and black lighting fixtures create great
contrast of colors. Some home owners may be wary of adding dark and heavy tones
in their houses but adding a slight touch of black on an overly white space
will suddenly bring an interesting effect to the room. Wooden accents are also
a great addition for your bathroom as it adds a classic twist to a very modern
design. Unique styles of wooden sinks will look good on modern bathroom designs
as the color will blend in naturally. Compact wooden cabinets will surely be a
good idea since it will save space and it can easily fit in the tight spaces of
your bathroom. Neat freaks will love the idea of these wooden compact cabinets
due to its organized look and easy to manage shelves and drawers.

High-tech bathrooms. This is a great addition to any home if
one can afford it. With its increasing popularity in Japan, these smart
bathrooms can be controlled using smart phones and apps. From automatic water
temperature control so that you can fill your bathtub with the exact
temperature that you like, to voice activated showers, lights and speaker
systems. Imagine filling up the bathtub and heating the water to the right
temperature through your smartphone while you are still at work, and upon
coming home, the bath is already hot and ready! The possibilities are endless
with smart bathrooms.

Patterns, multiple tile colors, and colorful toilets and
bathtubs are also great ideas for bathroom improvements. Creating patterns on
walls or on the floor will create an ambiance which reflects the person who
owns the place. Patterned glass blocks often look good on bathroom walls as it
has been a staple when it comes to bathroom designs. Multiple colored tiles
provide excitement and fun for the kids as their eyes are more attracted to
color. White toilets and bathtubs are boring, why not try blue, or pink, or
green colored bathtubs whichever you prefer. Solid colors standing on a field
of white often produces a wonderful effect.

Another trend which started when the new millennia began was
the use of glass as walls. Glass houses, glass doors, glass rooms, so why not
create a glass bathroom. Open showers are a thing in lots of hotels and homes
in recent years, and so are glass bathtubs. These elegant tubs come in unique
shapes and sizes to fit every costumers need. Although a bathroom made of glass
should only be built in a private part of the house, it creates excitement and
interests in everyone’s eyes.

From simple bare white bathrooms where electrical appliances were
a taboo. Every home owner can now improve their bathrooms to become modern
looking and high-tech. Two color bathrooms will continue to become a trend for
bathrooms in the years to com. It may be White with a hint of black, or a solid
color in a field of white, or an ebony inspired space with a sudden rustic
touch highlighted with gold. Whatever design, whatever improvement made, every
bathroom will surely reflect the taste and unique personality of the owner.