The CCTV camera captures a lot of footage around the world. If you want to see some CCTV footage then you can go online and look for it. There are many CCTV cameras placed in different countries.

Thousands of cameras film hours of footage. This can include people walking around the city or driving their cars. They might be walking their dog or going shopping, everyday life is captured by CCTV cameras and you can sometimes later see that footage if you find it online. Many cities use CCTV cameras to keep an eye on the city. They say that it can help to keep people safe because of the extra eyes that it puts on watching over everyone. When something bad happens it might not be able to stop it. But it can be used later on sometimes to show what occurred.

For instance, in cases with missing persons, sometimes there is CCTV footage that shows their last steps. This can be vital information when someone goes missing. Knowing what has happened to them when they go missing is going to take all the information that they can get. CCTV footage goes a long way to give that information when you need it. You never know who might be watching and what they might see. It is safe to say that these cameras are here forever now. We should get used to seeing these cameras because they are a part of our lives now. They are used to keep cities safe and watch over different areas. They will be filming people around the world for many years to come. If you have not looked around your own town for some CCTV cameras then why not go check for some. You might not have to go very far before you can find some.